DeszyFit Full Custom Plans

These fully customized plans are created specifically to fit into your time, resources and budget 
while keeping your ultimate health and fitness goals in mind.



As with most things in life, consistency is key. Each body is different and has different levels of fitness. This is important to take into account when choosing your workout plan. The short term plans may work if you are looking to achieve short term body goals (i.e. losing a reasonable amount of weight before an event etc.). However, if long term goals are on your books, then we would suggest you consider a longer term plan. It's crucial that you are patient with yourself and your progress and understand that some changes may take a while. But as long as you are taking those important steps forward, then that change will come. We do not advocate "quick-fixes" and "fast remedies" and are focused on creating changes that last. With this in mind, please be very mindful and considerate of your ultimate goals when choosing your plan.


Persistence will get you to your goals,

but only consistency will help you keep them.


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