DesRay Ashen

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I began my fitness journey quite early on in life. My mom was an aerobics instructor and so I was taught about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating from the onset.  Of course this also meant that I wasn’t allowed much of a sweet tooth or a takeout rush, which meant that as soon as I left home and got to university, I went buck on everything.

I lived on all sorts of junk food, chocolates and desserts for my first year of varsity and ended up putting on a lot of weight. I immediately went into panic mode and cut out all carbs from my diet and starved myself for the next year. I proceeded to lose a lot of weight to the point of anorexia. This led to a very difficult relationship between me and food. Constantly feeling upset every time you eat because your body isn’t responding the way you want to is horrible. Looking in the mirror and hating what you see is even worse.

I eventually decided to take control of my body and my lifestyle. I focused on adding exercise to my regime and started seeing my body change. Being in control of how my body responds to my diet and training, I began to build an online presence on Instagram and received a lot of questions from other girls looking to gain the same control and confidence. I took an online Personal Training and Nutrition course in 2016 after a miserable year working in marketing. After getting success with my clients, I started a blog where I could continue to share my favorite recipes and also share my experiences. Most importantly, I wanted to be able to share more knowledge with the women I’m constantly in communication with online.

Creating workout programs and other similar products which I can distribute online and be of help to women across the world has really given me a new purpose in life. It’s really fulfilling to be able to not only improve someone’s quality of life but also help them gain confidence in their own ability to achieve what they want.

I am so excited to continue meeting and helping people from across the world and making sure that more women including YOU are able to start loving the reflection staring back at you for the incredible #FitQueen  that you are!






Courses Studied:

Personal Training and Nutrition short course (Completed)
Personal Training full course (In progress)