Healthy smoothie

Reasons Kauai is the answer to all your Summer smoothie wishes

As Summer rolls in, the coffee machines at the office start taking the backseat to the wonders of delectable smoothies. And while we are all for you creating your own, for all the other days when time does not favour the blender at home, there is Kauai. This well-known health food franchise in South Africa […]


5 Green Smoothie Recipes You Need to Add To Your Breakfast Arsenal

If you have not jumped onto the green smoothie train, then we suggest you take a second and rethink your life choices… Or you could just read this article and get convinced by these tasty smoothie recipes. I mean, just the health benefits should have you skipping down the store to buy a little green […]

Smoothie with raspberries

8 Fruity Smoothie Recipes to Brighten Up Your Day

Smoothies are still all the range and will probably stay that way for quite a while – probably because of the huge amount of health benefits they provide. So if you still haven’t caved in and bought yourself a good blender, these fruit-infused smoothie recipes are sure to push you straight into the creamy edge! […]