Are You Patient Enough for your Goals?

Patience is a virtue - easy to say but not as easy to follow.

The world is full of quick fixes and instant gratification, but it is often said that the things worth keeping take the longest to acquire. The same can be said for your goals. Be it your career, life or fitness goals, patience is needed to allow the work that you are putting in to bear the right rewards.

Working towards your goals

Most people are willing to bear arms and do what needs to be done for their career and life goals – persevere through 3 – 5 years of university to get that degree or stay for years in a junior job until eventually getting to that ultimate top job.

However, when it comes to your fitness goals, the rules change. The amount of times people search for ‘lose weight in 10 days’ or ‘7-day diet plans’ is innumerable. You want to get to a specific body goal and you start off with all the clear intentions to get there. After a few days of eating right and going hard at the gym, you look in the mirror and when you don’t see all the changes you want in that short space of time, you throw in the towel. You give up on all the hard work that you’ve put in in that time.


Is your fitness and health not worth it?

Most importantly, are you not worth it?

We’ve already established that real and long-lasting change takes time and the same goes for our bodies. Diets that call for you to deprive yourself of all the foods you love for a week or two might help you see a little change, but that kind of diet rarely works. As soon as the diet is over, you fall right back into the junk trap that you found yourself in to begin with. All you’ve managed to do is waste a whole week of your time. You could maybe immerse yourself in a 6-day gym program, but when you start getting stiff and everything hurts and you realise that you actually don’t have time in your normal work week for that many sessions then you stop going completely. This is a vicious cycle that most people often find themselves in.

Smart fitness goals

The solution is to Give. Yourself. Time! Go easy on yourself. Take your time to make the correct lifestyle choices that you can actually adhere to for enough time to see the long—term changes. Of course you still need to stay accountable and make sure you are staying on track. Try these tips:

  • Make smart fitness goals!
  • Take a picture of yourself before you start your journey
  • Use a tape measure to note down your changes, not a scale
  • Use a scale only every two weeks
  • Take weekly pictures to track your progress

Be patient with yourself until you are able to look back and see just how far you’ve come.

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Reaching your goals

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