Mapule Ndhlovu is serving up all the #FitnessMotivation this Monday

Ever since winning the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star SA competition in 2016, the 27-year-old Mapule Ndhlovu (IG: QueenFitnass) has continued to inspire and motivate thousands of fitness enthusiasts with her awe-inducing exercise videos, captivating personality and those bomb moves.

Anyone questioning whether one can truly enjoy being fit and healthy need not look any further than the amazing smile that graces her Instagram feed.

Her latest post is a testament to the benefits of consistency when working out:

If that isn’t enough to get you up and smashing your fitness goals, then very little will.

Remember that the only way to be in a different place than you are now is to do thing differently to how you are doing them now.

Happy Monday, #fitfam!!

Post Author: DesRay Ashen

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