Reveal your Inner Queen

We all have that conscience - that innate Voice that speaks within our heads and hopes within our minds. It's that Voice that screams indignantly when you feel insulted, cries melancholy when you feel hurt but also dreams wistfully while you lie awake at night. That conscience - that Voice - is the same freedom and innocence that defines our curiosity when we are children. Children are allowed to dream, to wish, to explore - to live up to that inner identity.

But then we grow up. We are taught the ways of the world- the ways of uniformity above individuality. We are taught that it's better to belong than to stand out. In the pursuit of belonging, we teach ourselves conformity and in so doing, we begin to slowly silence our Voice. We trap our Voice under feelings of Fear and Indifference and Worry until eventually we shut it down by the Hatred of who we become. Sometimes the pain experienced by this new persona gives us the key to learn to trust our Voice, but more often than not we are still afraid of releasing our full selves to the world.

But there are very few things as resilient as that Voice. It continues to quietly encourage you to pursue that new career, to give that relationship a chance, to speak your mind, but mostly, it still pushes you to better yourself.

Those moments of silence when you look at your current situation- whether it's financial, emotional or even physical, it's that innate self that tells you that you can do better and you can BE better. It's your Inner Queen - imploring you to try; asking you to be true to yourself.

It's time you listen.

Take that awfully scary step out of your comfort zone and WORK!

WORK harder
PURSUE stronger
LOVE easier
RUN faster
EAT healthier

WORK ON YOURSELF until finally that Voice can smile because you'll have succeeded in

Revealing your Inner Queen.

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