Dieting When You’re a Lover of Food

Often find yourself falling off your diet simply because you just love food too much? It’s not that you don’t want to lose weight or start eating healthier, it’s that everything your dietitian has provided you tastes BORING.

Chicken seasoned only with salt?
Oatmeal daily?
I think not!

Fact is some people fall off their diets because they are depraved of all the tasty dishes that they love. So if you are a fellow food lover, these tips are designed to help you enjoy your food while still meeting your fitness and health goals.

tasty fitness food

  1. Be realistic

While you can try to hold on to some of your favorite meals, you need to accept that though there may be a lot more dishes that could probably be improved with some cheese sauce (I’m talking about you, Mr Broccoli), you have to be prepared to let some of that go. And don’t take on a new diet that involves you depraving yourself of all the foods you love. This is already a recipe for disaster even before it starts, so don’t put yourself through that. Look for a meal plan that you can adjust to include foods you love without exceeding your daily macronutrient targets.


  1. Understand your weaknesses

Know the foods that you just can’t be around without wanting to stuff your face. Make sure that you try and avoid these foods. If you are obsessed with pizza, meeting your friends for lunch at the local pizzeria is probably a bad idea.


  1. Experiment

Instead of sticking to just salt-seasoned food, use some low-sodium or salt-free spices to liven up the dishes. If you love burgers, consider replacing the buns with half an English muffin or wholewheat wraps to reduce the carb and calorie intake. If you see a really good recipe but it contains enough sugar to kill a mule, then think of ways to recreate that meal using less sugar, a healthier sweetener option or replace the sugar with some fruits (dates are a great option). Look for healthier recipes for pancakes, waffles and even granola bars. Just look and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a healthier alternative to whatever you are looking for.


  1. Choose better carbs

One thing food lovers are often known for is an equal love of carbs. While pasta is a favorite for most people, opting for wholewheat pasta is often the better choice. Wholewheat really is usually the better option for most carbs – always choose the brown! And even still, you have to limit the amount of carbs you eat. Reserve them for just one meal a day for better weightloss. An even better option? Spiralized vegetables like zucchini (baby marrow), beets or carrots make a great fettuccine to replace the grains in your meals without compromising on taste.


  1. Indulge a little

Once a week, give yourself a break. Pick one meal where you can enjoy one of your favorite meals wholeheartedly without any guilt. Make sure that this is a really good meal. So even when your week is really hard and the cravings have you badly, you’ll have that meal to look forward to each week.


While it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet, the benefits are extensive. So make sure that you keep the healthy foods you do have as close to your preference as possible. Use an app like My Fitness Pal to make sure that you are still sticking to your daily macronutrient requirements.

Eat the food you love, but make sure that it treats your body just as good as it tastes.



Post Author: DesRay Ashen

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