3 Chicken Wrap Recipes to Spice Up Your Lunch Meals

With all the focus on low-carb and clean-eating, tasty carb sources such as tortillas are often harshly judged. But in a world where Taco Tuesday is an important addition to any week, it seems that tortillas are still holding their own. And honestly, tortillas not so bad. Substitute a fiber-rich wholewheat or wholegrain version instead of the usual refined one and you can shamelessly indulge in front of your carb-fearing friends.

One of the simplest ways to add these carbs to your weekly meal plan is by making wraps. You can make them by simply shoving all the ingredients you love into a tortilla, then wrapping it and that’s it! Your creativity is only limited by what you enjoy and, of course, what you have in the kitchen.

These recipes are proof of just some of the variations you can try out using tortillas:

Zesty Chicken Wrap

Easy Chicken wrap recipe









Simple, tasty and full of vegetables, this wrap recipe is the definition of using what you have, including leftovers from dinner, to create a tasty lunch meal for the next day.




Sesame-crusted Chicken Wrap


Healthy chicken wrap recipe










Adding a bit of some Thai influence with a sesame seed crust over the chicken strip, this recipe is another representation of how creative you can get with your wrap filling.



Crispy Avo and Chicken Wrap
Crispy cheesy avo wraps









You wouldn’t look at this masterpiece and think that it only takes 10 minutes to prepare, would you? But yes, avocado, cheese and chicken somehow manage to mix up beautifully and tastily in this toasted wrap recipe that is a true definition of creativity!


Which wrap recipe are you going to be trying out? Let us know in the comments!

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