Healthy oat biscuits

This chocolate chip oat biscuit has half the sugar and all the taste!

We are nearing the end of Winter now. This means time is running out for daily offerings of hot coffee and warm biscuits. Unfortunately, most of the store-bought variants are also high in fat and sugar which doesn’t really help our Summer body aspirations. Well, it’s time to break out the baking trays and make […]

Matcha & Panna Cotta made a tart baby and we’re in love!

The world is in desperate need of more matcha dessert recipes! Especially vegan, matcha desserts! I’m now actively campaigning for this and after you try this recipe out, you’ll be joining me in my worldwide protest. I’m pretty sure just looking at the picture will have you grabbing some markers and making your own placards: […]

Almond chocolate bar recipe

4-ingredient Almond Chocolate Bars

Having to deal with a sweet tooth while trying to be healthy can be very difficult. Most of us often find ourselves in the candy aisle trying to find a treat that won’t leave us feeling guilty. Well, all you are going to need are four ingredients and a food processor to become the healthy […]


9 Oatmeal Recipes that go Beyond the Bowl

It has been well-documented that having oatmeal regularly provides a lot of health benefits. What makes it even more amazing is the versatility of flavors you can create by adding your favorite ingredients to your morning breakfast bowl. However, the versatility doesn’t end there. These 9 recipes below use oats in a variety of dishes […]

5-ingredient Vegan Snacks

Though there are many benefits to choosing to be vegan, sometimes fun and simple recipes can be hard to come by. And focusing on delicious 5-ingredient only snacks can be even more difficult. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled this list of amazing and simple-to-make vegan snacks that even non-vegans will love!   1 […]


5 Green Smoothie Recipes You Need to Add To Your Breakfast Arsenal

If you have not jumped onto the green smoothie train, then we suggest you take a second and rethink your life choices… Or you could just read this article and get convinced by these tasty smoothie recipes. I mean, just the health benefits should have you skipping down the store to buy a little green […]