20 Motivational Quotes for your #MotivationMonday needs

The first month of 2018 is almost over and honestly January feels like it lasted a few months itself. At this point, all the determination of the new year may be dying down and finding the motivation to continue working on your fitness goals may be difficult. We’ve put together 20 quotes to get you […]


Tips to Changing your Schedule for Fitness Success

While making your resolutions or setting new fitness goals for 2018, it’s important to realize that taking the actions to achieve those goals needs time. You have to take daily steps in order to make your goals a reality – especially for your fitness success. This involves making changes to your daily schedule. It’s better […]

Compound Kettlebell Workout

There are many benefits to adding weight training to your workout plan. What’s even better is adding that weight to compound exercises that target more than one muscle at a time. Compound exercises, amongst other things, help burn more calories in less time so they are great for any busy woman. And if you are […]

What is health

Health vs Fitness

Do you know the difference? The above terms are used quite interchangeably these days. However, there is quite a difference between the two. Fully understanding each term can help in improving your different lifestyle goals.   Health has been defined by the World Health Organisation as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, […]


Do-Anywhere Resistance Band Butt workout

Spring is coming in for all our northern friends and for all the ladies in the southern hemisphere, the afternoons still get quite warm and sunny. So it seems like the perfect time for an outdoor workout. And even better, an outdoor butt workout. With resistance bands! Can you spell ‘G-A-I-N-S’ ??? And if you […]