Affordable at-home workout essentials

As the weather starts cooling down, braving the cold mornings or freezing evenings to get to the gym can be very difficult. It’s at these moments that being able to workout from the comfort and warmth of your own house can come in handy. Not only are these pieces of equipment affordable, you can even take them along with you to the gym – on the days you actually make it there – to enhance your workouts and their effectiveness.

  1. Workout mat

    Unless you plan on roughing it out on a thin towel or sweating on top of your expensive rug, the first essential item you need is a workout mat. The extra cushioning in most mats really helps during all the floor exercises.


  1. Resistance bands

    Known for helping with therapy, resistance bands are now used extensively for strength and resistance training. From the thin, long resistance tubes to the flat, loop bands, there is a huge variety of exercises that you can do using these bands. You can also replace all exercises that you’d do on the cable machine with a band that is looped around any pole or door handle.


  1. Jump rope

    There are very few exercises that burn as many calories as jumping rope. Even jumping at a moderate rate can burn up to 16 calories a minute. These makes them great for adding some fat-burning cardio to your workouts.


  1. Sliders/Gliders

    Sliders are designed to minimize friction which allows you to slide around the floor. Adding these to bodyweight exercises such as push-ups can help increase the intensity of the exercises. Like the other items in this list, they can be used in a huge variety of exercises so that you can really jazz up your workouts.

Get these items to make sure that you get the most out of your at-home workouts.

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