7 Quick & Healthy Dinners for the Busy Woman

If you are a busy women, which in this day and age we all are, then dinner may be one of those meals that falls on any close restaurant to make. Coming back tired from work to a dirty house or screaming kids makes the kitchen the last place any of us want to be caught dead in, but if you are looking to eat healthier then you know that most of that restaurant food is not what you want to be putting in your body.

But we’ve got a quick solution for you. We’ve compiled these 7 meals that take about only 20 – 30 minutes to prepare – without compromising on taste. So be sure to be the hero of all your goals and give these amazing recipes a try.


One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice

One pot Chicken And rice

There are only a few things simpler than an entire meal than can be cooked in just one pot. And this chicken dish is the perfect amount of protein and carbs to have our energy back up and help us accept that the week has started.



Butternut Squash, Arugula and Goat Cheese Pasta

5 ingredient pasta dish

5 ingredients are all you need to create this pasta dish. Can Tuesday night get any easier?



Simple Steak Stir-fry

Low-carb dinner

Celebrate Hump Day with  this steak and vegetables dish and add some oven baked fries for an even fuller meal.



Lemon Chicken and Red Potatoes


Another one-pot dish makes the list because dishes are still not an thing.



BBQ Turkey Burgers

Turkey burger recipe

Celebrate  the end of the week with a little healthy indulgence.



Pan-seared Salon with Kale and Apple Salad

Salon salad

The week wouldn’t be complete without a salad…or some high-protein and Omega-3s from some salmon.



Creamy Chicken Quinoa & Broccoli Casserole

Healthy Chicken Casserole

There’s nothing that screams Sunday like some comfort food. And with this dish comfort can also mean healthy.


Now there’s no reason for you not to conquer this week!


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