10 Inspiring FitGirl Insta Accounts to Follow

10 Inspirational fitness females providing you with all the motivation you need to reach your goals!

From health coaches to Youtube stars, the women in this list are all kinds of #FitnessGoals. Not only are they proof that it is possible to attain and maintain your goals, but they also document the highs and lows of their journey to remind us all that we are human and sometimes life happens – but you can still rock that hard-earned hot bod!

  1. Heidi Somers (@BuffBunny)


This Youtube star is the face of 1Up Nutrition and LVFT apparel with millions of followers throughout
all her social media pages. She is loved for her humility and ingenuity and has also launched her own
successful fitness apparel range (BuffBunny Collection).

        2. Sbahle Mpisane (@FitnessBunnie)


This South African fitness model and Nike Ambassador is evidence that a fit body comes
in all different sizes. She runs a successful bootcamp series throughout the country and also
documents examples of simple and tasty fitness meals on her page.

      3.  Jen Heward (@HunnyBunsFit)


This gym owner and fitness model has her own clothing line and successful Youtube channel. She is
is a proponent of positivity and self-love and provides mounds of information to help girls all over the world
reach their goals.

     4. Nikki Blacketter (@Blondevsworld)


Known as one of the most well-known faces of Gymshark, Nikki has just launched a new clothing
collaboration with the brand. She has a successful Youtube channel where she documents her life as well her
fitness journey.

      5. Massy Arias (@MankoFit)


This health coach is currently expecting her first child and has been documenting how to stay
fit while going through one of the biggest changes a female body can experience.
She is known for her awe-inspiring strength and flexibility as well as being an avid ambassador
for mental health and happiness.

       6.  Mapule Ndhlovu (@QueenFitnass)


The South African celebrity personal trainer recently won the Women’s Health Next Fit Star competition.
Her page is full of videos that showcase her jaw-dropping strength and agility for which
she is loved. She’s also been know to break it down once in a while.

     7. Jazmine Garcia (@Jazzypoo)


Jazmine is the other Gymshark athlete on our list who also runs a very successful
Youtube channel. This strength trainer deals a lot with anxiety and eating disorders on her
channel and documents how she managed to get through those conditions herself.

         8.  Anna Victoria (@AnnaVictoria)

Fit Body Guide

Being the creator of one of the best-known fitness transformation workouts, the Fit Body Guide, Anna
has helped thousands of women attain their ultimate fitness bodies. She has also been one of the
fitness models who has stood up against body shaming and has encouraged women to love whatever body
they have.

      9.  Brittne Babe ( @Brittnebabe)

Britne babe

Known for her amazing body, this personal trainer and health coach’s page is full of
workout videos that display exercises that can be done at-home without gym equipment.

       10. Adidas Pop-Up Gym (@popupgym)

Pop up gym

This amazing South African duo are the instructors of the Adidas Pop Up Gym. Their page is
filled with fun-filled partner workouts and a gallery of all the antics they get up to on their nationwide
workout tour.

Did your favourite fitness account make the list? Comment below and let us know who’s keeping you inspired!

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